Last week event…..:O

Dinner with Angie and her parent on Friday nite (30th apr) going to her friend restaurant. After dinner going to her place to discuss about our blog, I manage to upload all her books while she having her bath, using her laptop and line.. more faster. She send me home about 12 am.

This whole week, boss didn’t get in office.. that very nice, just call to have his work done or just pass document to me..that all.

Taking half day leave on Tuesday (4th may) to go bank and going for a movie with Angie at MBO. We watch ‘When In Rome’.. romantic comedy, that I won from Litefm. This tix only valid from Mon to Thur, that why we can’t watch it on weekend. L Gosh the actor is extremely handsome leh. Email Yin Teing about it and agents production as well.

Wed + Thur nothing much to do, trying my hand to win some cash from Litefm.. oso cannot- don’t know what happen I couldn’t send the sms. I told Ross that I’m going to give up but he ask me to email him my hp number- so he can check it for me, he told me after he check it- nothing wrong with their side- I guess is my line problem but I can send out to other but not to Litefm.. *sigh*. I send email instead.. is different kind of present..not cash loh…

Going to Jusco for lunch on 7th may but I told Lam that I wanted to eat McDonald, so everyone follow-full of ppl, no place to sit so Esther and Chu going to kopitam. That nice..izzit it???

When I, 1st listen to Lite for Boyzone new song called Give It All Away – I fall in love with it. Then going in to youtube to look for the MV- wanted to hear that again , and I share it in my fb profile.

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