Didnt go anywhere tis weekend, cleaning the house and Lily call- saying she coming to fetch me to go for a walk, online for a while, seeing him online, want to avoid him, so playing treasure isle. He post msg in his profile saying ::: is home drunk from Shaun’s bday,but had a great time, miss someone terribly though…she know!!! Gosh when i saw that msg, I feel like crying cos I miss him soooooo much, I know he mean “ME”.. actually, i want to see some comment from his friends but his female friends put a like up…
Online early today…comment on Eric message..that i post here earlier and I surprise that Thomas send me a msg, he didnt send me before, he told me that he like to meet me, cos im nice and if i ever go to Sweden give him a call… I really surprising.
One more thing is i did post a missing msg to him in my profile too is read :::Days go by so fast, not a day do I not think of you. Missing you is the hardest part of my days, my days without you..

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