Why I LoVe YoU…..

I look at you and find I cannot breathe
Your beauty always takes by breath away
And when you smile my heart will skip a beat
And I will feel a  warmth till end of day
Your laughter makes me want to sing out loud
And dance the dance of one
who knows no strife
And shout out words so every one will know
How love from you would so complete my life
I watch you move and I become entranced
Your grace is such a delight to  behold
It’s like I’m in a magic place and time
A place I want to stay if truth be told
And then there are the things harder to see
The kindness  I detect  in your blue eyes
The way you always try to do what’s right
The strength that when required will arise
It took some time for me to clearly see
These gifts that came to you from God above
How could I not have given you my heart
You are the one that I will  always  love

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