other comment…..

Dear DAPHNE GAN, Your inspirational quote for Today is :
“My sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director. (Cole Porter)”

Heather comment : that is sooooo funny! i love it! i hope you are smiling again, dear beautiful girl.

My comment : I am….(((hugs))), kisses

Another comment about E-Reader :—-
Me : when can i get one of those ????
Heather : there are many brands of these. but i love audiobooks, now have nearly 1000. I can listen while i do almost anything, and no eye fatigue!

Me :audiobooks?? i dont think is sell it here, i guess
Heather : daphne, if you have windows mobile on your phone, microsoft makes a free application so you can read ebooks on your phone. but audiobooks are wonderful, and you can listen to them on any mp3, or using your phone as an mp3 if you have that ability. who do you like to read? i can help you get audiobooks if you tell me who you like to read.

Heather : an audiobook is a book that someone has read aloud and recorded, so you can listen to the whole book on your mp3 or computer. it is WONDERFUL! tell me if you are interested and i will help you get some for free. YAY! NOW are you smiling???? hehehehehe
Me : I do read lot of books..from authors like Nicholas Spark, Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood and some other writer.. I prefer romance book though.
Do u be able to get it for me?? how is audiobooks work??
Me : I love too, have 1 of those, i thought of getting 1 of the e-reader, so i dont have to keep load of books, but i can see those screen is quite small, actually i still thinking whether im going to get it or not.

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