**Your Smile**

I am just here looking at the sky
Counting the clouds as they sway in the air
While I am visualizing your face
Thinking if you are wearing a smile

The smile that comforts me
Even you are so far from me
Coz I can vividly see
Your need to be with me

While I am waiting for you
I can’t help but to smile too
Thinking how we will fulfill
The dreams that we had kept
Many years ago

Many years ago
You told me you loved me so
But it didn’t follow
For you need to go away
Away from your homeland

Now that you are coming home
It’s your smile that embraces me
Soothing the need to be with you
The smile that you didn’t forget
To send to me always
Coz you know how your smile
Comforts my aching heart
Of being away from you

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