^^Words Alone^^

Words alone cannot express what I feel.
My heart is aching, needing what is real.
Time flew by, although right by your side.
But it’s in times like this, that I just cant deny.

You have my heart.
You have my soul.
You have my trust.
It’s all yours to hold.

I trust you with everything.
It’s terrifying, but true.
My life is literally nothing without you.

That cold damp evening,
When I first heard your voice,
It hit me like a freight train,
and I knew I had no choice.

It’s completely amazing,
How immediately you know
When you found that someone
Who you just cannot let go.

You are that someone.
Perfection you can say.
You are that someone
Who took all my pain away,

I plan to show you forever,
Just how you helped me heal.
I plan to use forever.
To show you this is real.

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