Dear Diary,

I know that I have been writing down all my daily routine, but I guess is not that special, now I wrote it is because I want to remember myself for some special occasions that had been happening around me. This morning I check in my mail..i get reply from Larry and Wallace. I did open my heart to Larry and Wallace.. I don’t know what should I do.maybe open for him as well.. What do you think???? He reply like this : You can trust me ok? I am not like other guys,am different.

I will like to be there for you when you grow old,i will be your companion.

All i ask for is the chance to love you thats all.

Fondly, Wallace…

I have ask Peter bout it (another British friend who be with me all the time. I will tell him everything… I can trust him, he been with me all this while.
Yesterday was 22nd Sept and that was Mid-Autumn Festival or known as Moon Cake Festival.. This is the first year that we didn’t celebrate it cos is not weekend, other family members didn’t come back and children are schooling. Well, I though boss will ask me to go back early but NO.. I can see other agency go back early , anyway is okie.. I like it here is so quiet and peaceful good for me to finish up my books..hehe!!!! I did finish it up. Call Wong for the travel insurance that she requested earlier, and go to her place to collect magarine.

Sending out message to friends and of course to Angie, is about 2 weeks didn’t txt her after she coming back from Bandung, Indonesia…as well as myself. Ask her whether she want to go out for a drink on Sat, she agree with me.. and I’m going to paid her back what I have borrow for me couple of month back without interest..haha!!! anyway I don’t want to think bout the bad things now. Chat with Bernice for a while, is boring chatting better to do some reading. Start with The Secret that I brought from the Borders, MidValley.

Will review my trip from day 1 to day 6 to Aussie….

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