Last Weekend

Going down to KL on sat b’cos mum check up in the Chinese physician. Wait for Ling at See place, we going to going shopping in MidValley. I did ask Ivy whether she want to follow us but I never though my brother and her are going too, and they arrived early that use. Parking in The Gardens.. have a walk , get a skirt for myself and Heng as well. Then we going to have our lunch at Taiwanese café in upper floor The Garden. Wow..lot of people have to wait, so I going to walk at the Borders.. where I found the book called The Secret (I intend to buy it long time ago but is expensive) when I see 50% discount..but no still cost RM79.90.. have to buy it anyway.

After lunch we going to MV.. didn’t get anything, I want to get shoe but can’t find any.. so sad huh…Reach home bout 5pm…early rite, you can guess how fast my sister drive, cannot get to sleep cos my carrying Keith and he’s asleep.

On Thursday is a public holiday here- 1Malaysia konon… get another PH.. is good.. going out with Lily to Terminal 1.. just for a walk. Just get something for Ila…come back almost 5pm, then she told me she wanted to go pasar malam she stay at my place till 6.15pm and come back an hour later. I met with MR GAN.. my Form 3 form sir… well guess what he still recognize me, very good memory..haha!!!!

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