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Six Mistakes that Stop the Law of Attraction from Working for You – Life Coaching Program

As an executive coach, I notice one shift in mindset can translate to amazing results. As a life coach, I see people experiencing so much joy, love, peace and happiness in all areas of their lives – business, home, relationships with others, health. Setting the Law of Attraction into motion to achieve what you want can be a powerful force along this path. And I know this, and still I myself make mistakes.

I made some big mistakes last year and I want to share the results with you.

Everything I’ve ever taught has had this concept at the core: Be happy first, and everything else works itself out.

I observed it in the most successful people I met; I taught it to thousands who used the concept to have very successful lives. Then somehow I got off the path myself.

The moment I stopped trying to show the world I could have a big company, I felt joy. The moment I stopped working from guilt and obligation, trying to keep up appearances, I felt light and free.

The moment I let go of doing things that made me feel bad, and stopped doing things because they were things I had grown used to doing, everything changed. Everything got better. Everything accelerated. Things became effortless. Everything started flowing again.

Magic, synchronicity, and cooperation began to flow in my life. My wife jumped on board and starting helping me with everything, and we have been reconnecting and loving each other more and more ever since.

I got my joy back, and the moment I got my joy back. The Law of Attraction started working again! For me, it was even worse to completely realize that the Law of Attraction had never stopped working for me. The Law of Attraction gladly orchestrated all of my failures, set backs, resistance and obstacles.

But no one ever talks about that…do they? I want to share with you six mistakes people make with the Law of Attraction, so you don’t have to go there yourself. You can shift and find yourself back on track once again.

Law of Attraction Mistake # 1: I’m not clear about what I want and why I want it.

“I know what I want! I want more money! I want to be fit, thin and sexy!” Most people say. Yet, most people who say that to me are fat and broke. They haven’t gotten to the bottom of why they want what they want. Almost everyone I meet is trying to prove something, demonstrate something, be something, show the world, and be somebody.

You are always getting what you want. You just aren’t clear about it, so when you get it, you don’t know you have it.

If you want fame and fortune so you can prove to the world that you are good enough, then your mind is clear that you aren’t good enough; otherwise you won’t have to prove it. If you are clear you aren’t good enough, then you will attract situations that make it obvious you aren’t good enough.

Law of Attraction Mistake #2: What I want conflicts with my beliefs.

This is the true killer of your manifestations. As a life coach, I see this all the time. You are always getting what you truly believe.


(a) I want to be rich

(b) I want the love of my life

(c) I want respect and power

(d) I want to be #1

(e) I want to be skinny


(a) I’m not good enough

(b) I’m ugly

(c) I’m stupid

(d) I don’t deserve success

(e) I hate myself

You can see where what you want and what you believe may conflict. This sets up a Law of Attraction messing up of your resonation. You are resonating with one thing and another, all over the place. You will attract something but who knows what that will be. Get clear and let go of the beliefs that are blocking your wishes from flowing to you easily.

Law of Attraction Mistake #3: What I want begins to manifest from where I stand today (the mistake is most people don’t get that).

Where you are is the perfect place to get what you want. But, most people decide on their new intention and instantly make where they are wrong. They say “Some day, when I have this or have done that, then I will …”

This sends out a message: now is not enough.

Now is not good.

Law of Attraction Mistake # 4: I drop everything to pursue my manifestation.

People drop everything that is sustaining them. People drop everything that holds their life together. When you compromise your structure for existence, that critical mind part of you kicks into survival mode. Your life becomes a train wreck.

Law of Attraction Mistake #5: My focus is self-centered.

You will never be in the flow worrying about yourself. Worrying about self is seeing what is wrong. Instead, focus your attention on being of service to others. Watch what happens when you shift your energy to help others.

Law of Attraction Mistake #6: I’m obsessed with getting my results.

The results always come but they bubble up. They never look the way you thought they would. That’s the magic of the universe working on your behalf. Results show up in the way that serves everyone on the planet. So this is not always what you thought, in fact, the result seldom resembles exactly what you imagined. But it might be better.


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In your morning

I’ll be there in your morning
I’ll be there in your night
Be there just to tell you
Everything will be alright

You are my darling angel
The only one I need
I’ll be there in your morning
Please don’t give up on me

Be there just to hold you
and feel your tender touch
Be there just to tell you
that your love means so much
Be there to hold your hand
and walk you through your day
Be the one to pick you up
if things don’t go your way
Be the one to kiss your lips
and warm you through the night
Be your shoulder to cry on
when you’re filled with dreadful fright

I’ll be there in your morning
I’ll be there in your night
Be there just to tell you
You’ll never leave my sight.


Breaking my heart…

You’re keeping your distance
And it’s tearing me apart
Why did you do this…
You’re breaking my heart.

Asked you to tell me…
To tell me no lie
But now you keep secrets
Can you just tell me why?

When you first appeared
And came into my life
I thought we’d grow together
and soon be man and wife.

I want to know you need me
To know that you care
But I get no phone calls
It’s like you aren’t even there.

You said those words
I wanted to hear
Filled me with dreams
For the oncoming year.

Now it’s all over
I still don’t know why
Won’t give you the delight
Of making me cry.

Just tell me why you did this
And let me move on
And I will not write you
Or call on the phone.

Should I say thanks
For the moments we shared
Or be mad at you
For saying you cared?


Twelve years

When we met I knew I found,
The greatest gift in life.
One day when I was happy,
I asked ya to be my wife.

We spent so much time planning,
But never got it done.
I can’t imagine how it happened,
Our life had become as one.

Then one day you left me,
The tears poured from my eye.
I truly felt heartbroken,
so much i thought i’d die.

Three years had passed since then,
you walked back into my life.
I told you I still loved you,
and that cut me like a knife.

You said the time was bad for us,
You walked away again.
I watched as you left that day,
I thought i’d never win.

I thought and thought about my love,
for four more years to come.
I went to try to win you back,
I was told it couldn’t be done.

A friend had said you were happy,
and very much in love.
He said you was getting married,
and I couldn’t mess that up.

My love for you was stronger,
I had to let you go.
Your happiness was my priority,
because I love you so.

Twelve years had past it’s been so long,
from when we first had met.
I knew when we talked that day
i still loved you,
but you couldn’t know it yet.

I listened to your problems,
we talked and talked all night.
That is when I knew,
the timing was all right.

I finally found the courage,
to get the nerve to say.
I love you every day my love,
I’ve loved you every day.

Fate has played a wicked game,
and messed with both our hearts.
But when you said ya felt the same,
I knew we would never part.

A love like ours is unique,
A treasure very rare,
But that is why we love so much,
and now my soul is bare.

Without you over all those years,
have changed me and made me worse.
I felt like someone wicked,
had surely placed a curse.

We finally found each other,
after all those lonesome years,
A friend and lover I now have,
to listen to my fears.

They said it was impossible,
they said it couldn’t be done.
After twelve long years of heartbreak,
I finally got my one!

I love you more now,
even more than I did back then.
I cannot wait to hold you,
in my arms again.

Each crazy day that passes,
is another day that’s blue.
Even though we’re far away,
I’ll always be with you.

Until we are together my love,
Keep this message in your heart.
I love you so much……..
We will never be apart.

Self improvement

A Great Place to Work

When I asked the people of Womack Machine Supply what makes it a great place to work, the overwhelming responses were “the great people that I work with” and “the caring, family atmosphere.”

Building a company of great people to work with starts with hiring good folks. In a twist on John Maxwell’s famous words, we don’t care how much someone knows until we know how much they care. We place greater value on character than on knowledge, thus would rather train an inexperienced rookie than apologize for the actions of someone with experience. My favorite word is “selfless,” and we look for selflessness in folks that we hire, and especially in folks whom we promote. Good-hearted, caring people are a pleasure to our customers, our suppliers and our people. So it’s no wonder that we have great people who care for each other; we hire them that way! Remember that “garbage in, garbage out” applies to people as much as to computers.

Our “caring, family atmosphere” doesn’t happen by accident either. We are a family and we act like one. We work, play, celebrate and mourn with each other. We proudly display and profess our faith in the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When everyone treats each other as they would want to be treated themselves (and a little better), the result is an atmosphere of caring for and helping each other, just as in a family.

Helping each other extends beyond the walls of our buildings. We also help our community. The people of Womack sponsor and participate in blood drives, care packages to troops, Christmas gifts for needy families, missionary efforts and much more. Every year we raise enough money to send 100 kids with Muscular Dystrophy to a special needs summer camp. Nothing builds that “caring, family atmosphere” more than working together to help others; and we do a lot of that!

Recognizing that rapid growth was bringing many new people into the company, we were concerned about maintaining that “caring, family atmosphere.” We selected a very caring, considerate manager with many years of Womack experience to serve as our Director of Company Culture. The Director of Company Culture is charged with forever maintaining the “small company, family atmosphere” no matter how large we grow. His goal is to provide every employee with two private, confidential interviews each year. The interviews are about what’s good, what’s not good and what’s needed. They provide a safe environment for everyone to express their cares, concerns, and happiness. The DCC is a member of the CEO’s Senior Staff, reports directly to the CEO, and provides the Senior Staff with a monthly update on the mood of our people. The whole company knows that there is Someone Who Cares, just like in a family.

Zig says, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” We do our best to give the people of Womack what they want, and they do the same for our customers and suppliers. So being a “great place to work” with “great people to work with” and a “caring, family atmosphere” is really a strategy for success. It’s all about taking care of people, and having fun doing it!

Self improvement

The Importance of a Coach

As you go through life, you will meet people that have done what you want to do in life. They’ve made it! You know deep in your heart that if they can do it then you can too. So, how do you get to that level of success? Get a coach! That’s right…invest in someone who has done what you want to do in life. If you want to become successful in business, then find a coach that has made millions of dollars by building a business. DO NOT hire a coach that has never achieved success in their field! Let me give you some examples of what you should look for in a coach.
Confident – A coach must be confident. He can teach you to become successful in your field because he has already done it. Confidence comes through struggles and failures that ultimately lead to success.
Open – A coach must be willing to tell you the truth even when the truth hurts. Sometimes it’s very difficult to see that you are standing in your own way of success. A true coach will bring this to your attention.
Admirable – If you don’t respect the coach for what he has done in his career or personal life, then you most likely don’t want to hire him. A coach should be full of integrity and well respected among his peers. It’s hard to be coached by someone that you don’t look up to or even consider being a professional in the field.
Consistent – A coach must be consistent with the strategies that he is teaching. You will see many coaches that jump from idea to idea because what they are doing hasn’t worked for their clients. Ask your coach for references so that you can see if he has helped others implement strategies that have led to success.
Healthy – Yes, that’s right. A coach should lead a healthy, happy life. You shouldn’t have to hear about how bad his day was or how much he doesn’t get along with his wife. You want a coach that has a balanced lifestyle that enables him to help you with your obstacles and not concentrate on his own issues.
These are just a few things to consider when looking for that right coach that will assist you in achieving your “Why” in life. I challenge you to set a goal of hiring a personal coach, but be sure to find the right one for you!

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Proceed and Succeed

We all face disappointments and setbacks. Everyone has times in their life where they ask themselves such questions as “is it all worthwhile,” “am I really on the right path” and “if so, why is it so hard?”

These are not ordinary moments … these are your destiny-defining moments. These are moments where the decisions you make determine the path you take which will lead you to your ultimate destination. So when you find yourself at one of life’s crossroads, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I love what I do? An old cliché goes, “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.” No one loves everything about what they do. However, you must love the core cause, the mission behind what you do, if you expect any lasting success.

2. Do I have the talents to succeed at it? This is a good question because you may love what you’re doing but have no chance at ever being successful at it. If you don’t believe me, just watch American Idol. You must be brutally honest with yourself when you ask this question. You must also solicit the opinions of people you trust who will be brutally honest with you.

3. Does what I’m doing offer me the potential to achieve my social and economic goals? You may love what you do and have the talent to do it, but there’s no potential in it. An example is Will Smith trying to sell high-powered X-ray machines in The Pursuit of Happyness. That would almost be like trying to sell high-powered fax machines or starting a new automobile company today. What you’re doing must have opportunity and potential.

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions you need to do as we say in Texas: “Dismount a Dead Horse.” Change directions as quickly as possible. Find something you love to do that has potential and that brings your talents to light.

If you answered “YES” to all three questions, chances are you’re just in a lull. Or, as Seth Godin says, you’re in “The Dip.” These life-altering moments are when you must proceed and succeed. Remember that most of life’s greatest victories are just inches away from life’s biggest setbacks, and there’s always a way if you’re committed.

This is the time to keep your eye on the target, turn up the heat and keep pressing onward toward the prize.

If you’ve experienced setbacks, you may have to analyze the situation and try a different strategy. You may have to get creative and think out of the box. Where there’s talent, passion and potential, you can proceed confidently, knowing that you will succeed because you are on the right path and victory is near.

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Service with a Smile

Have you ever experienced incredible service? Not just a brief smile and a “let me know if I can help you,” but the type of service where someone goes out of their way to provide you with the best experience possible with their company.

Maybe it was the shoe salesman at the retail store, the pizza delivery guy, or the customer service representative on the phone. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience quality service, then you know the type of impression it makes.

That’s the type of impression a young guy named Jonathan made on me. Jonathan was the manager at a sub shop right down the road from my office in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Every now and then, I would head over to the sub shop with my son. And, every single time, Jonathan would address us by name and call out our order before we could even speak.

This guy treated his customers well! You’re probably thinking, Well, he knew that was Dave Ramsey and his son. Well, he did…but that’s not why he treated us so well.

Everyone was treated with the same five-star service when they met Jonathan—bankers, construction workers, maids, mothers, teachers, corporate executives. Jonathan treated them all well. He knew their names and their usual orders—he went out of his way to make them feel comfortable while at the sub shop. That’s great service.

He smiled. He had energy. He came out from behind the counter and talked with the customers and cleaned tables. He was a leader in the business, and he served more than anyone else there. And, remember, this was a sub shop—not a world-class restaurant!

But something happened. One day, I returned to the sub shop and Jonathan was gone. He left to go back to college and get an education. But Jonathan already knew a lot more about business than many employees and entrepreneurs could ever grasp.

It all comes down to service. When you treat people with outstanding service, they are more than happy to buy stuff from you. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Think about this: What if every business had a Jonathan? How could that type of positive, go-getter attitude transform businesses—and even the economy?

That’s why it’s so vital for business owners to understand the importance of having team members who are energized and supporting the company’s mission—whether it’s selling sandwiches or shipping boxes.

When you have someone like Jonathan, do everything you can to take care of him. Show your appreciation. Treat your team with dignity and respect, and they will treat you, your customers, and your business with dignity and respect.

Self improvement

Positive Words Create Positive Actions

In our society today we tend to accentuate the negatives instead of the positives. One example is the “alarm clock” we use to wake ourselves up in the morning. Realistically, when we hear an alarm it generates fear or anxiety. When somebody robs a bank, an alarm is sounded; when there’s a fire, someone sounds an alarm. Perhaps waking up to an alarm helps explain the profusion of negative words we use. If you rethink the issue of your clock you will realize that it is really giving you an opportunity. When you hear it ring, you have the opportunity to get up and go. A whole day full of possibilities is available to you once you hear your “opportunity clock.” If you can’t hear it ring, that might mean you’ve gotten up and gone! That could be bad.

Some people refer to the electrical appliances on street corners as “stop lights,” “red lights,” or “traffic lights.” Factually speaking, they are “go lights.” They were put there to make traffic “go” more quickly, safely and smoothly.

Many people refer to the first slice on a loaf of bread as the “end,” when in reality every loaf of bread I’ve ever seen has two beginnings. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that is not necessarily earth-shattering, but I challenge you to use the terms “opportunity clock” when you relate your wake-up procedure and “beginning” when you describe the first slice of bread in a loaf. And the next time someone asks you for directions, send them down to the first “go” light. I assure you, a smile will cross your face and that’s the first step in developing the right mental attitude, which is prerequisite for optimum performance. Think about it, and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!