Journey from a million to one

I’m on a journey,
the location far prepared myself,
for the journey’s hard
the journey’s an action,
emotion and tale
determination for completion,
i will not fail

you gave me your heart,
with trust at hand
stupid and careless of me,
on the floor it lands
memories, emotions on the floor
the pieces run
picking up your million pieces,
hoping to make one

majority of the pieces,
swept up and made
still not made whole,
theres a lot of free space
on my knees i get,
trying really hard to find
while hiding the tears,
i cry for your broken heart and mind

I’m putting together the pieces,
but i start to notice
that its hard for me to fill every crack
and every crevice
so what to do to mend your broken heart
being responsible, it just tears me apart

I know what ill do,
ill use my heart to fill the holes
overlap mine, to once again make yours whole
i know it’s hard to trust again,
but let me show you how
I’ll pick up the million pieces,
so come with me now

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