I Will

I will be food for your soul, Nourishment for your body.
I will believe in you.
I will never leave you.
I will please you.
I will be your foundation.
My WORLD is twisted around u.
I’m gonna visualize you.
I will be the beat in your heart.
I will dream of you when you are away.
I will be your light in obscurity.
I will be the woman whose presence you feel even when I’m away.
My Breath on any part of your body; from your forehead to your neck, from your shoulder to your elbow will make you shiver.
I am your blessing.
Even my lightest touch will send chills from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.
The thought of me will move you.
I will be the bosom of rest when you are weary.
I AM what you want. I AM what you need.
My smile will give you hope. My hugs will be the source of your strength.
I will be unselfish, protective and encouraging.
I will be your friend, lover, partner
I will LOVE and care for you as you would me.
I AM your GOD sent Angel
I will share the responsibilities of making our house into a home.
Simply Put, I WILL!

GOD put me here for you. What will you do with me?

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