If only in dreams

If in dreams I could still have you,
if in dreams you’d still love me too,
if in dreams there could still be me and you,
then I won’t wish for reality if it only means losing you.

If in dreams I could still hold you,
if in dreams your promises would be true,
if in dreams you wouln’t find someone new,
then I won’t live in reality if it means living without you…

If in dreams you would always stay,
if in dreams, beside you I still could lay,
if in dreams nothing could come our way,
then I won’t ask for reality if reality means pain…

If in dreams I could still feel your kiss,
if in dreams you’d treasure our mem’ries,
if in dreams it would still be me that you need,
then let me keep on dreaming if reality means tears…

If in dreams I would still feel your body next to mine,
if in dreams we could last a lifetime,
if in dreams I could turn back the hands of time,
then I won’t ask for reality if it means you’ll be leaving me behind…

If in dreams you would come back,
if in dreams we could have what we had,
if in dreams we would never be apart,
then in dreams I will live because reality hurts so bad…

but then again dreams are just dreams,
I’ll wake up again after a long sleep,
the pain goes on as the new day begins,
for the dreams I held in my heart got away with just a blink…


The Thoughts of Loving You

As I lay down on my bed tonight
I cant help but to think of you
If you will be asking why…
Its because I love you….

The thoughts of loving you
Makes me courageous
When I am feeling frail
Because I am not with you…

It’s the thought of loving you
That erases my fears
Fears of opening my heart
To let you see the tears inside….

The thoughts of loving you
Gives me hope and trust
When my heart is wondering
If I am still sitting in your heart….

The thought of loving you
Encourages my heart
To be truthful and sincere
When I am surrounded by insecurities….

The thoughts of loving you
Gives me strength
To go on today dreaming
I will wake up tomorrow next to you….


I just want you to know

You made me
what I am today

I feel more,happy,anxious
Only because of how you look at me
and what you do with me

the things you do when were alone
I feel happy, because I’m with you

I don’t care about fact that I’m not yours
as long as I have you and you have me too

I smell your musk on my jacket from the night before
I’m scared to smell that your scent
because I don’t want to fall so hard this time with you again

the times you called/texted me
told me to come over or just to talk to me

I may love you, care about you and everything
I just lay awake some nights if you feel the same way for me again

you told me you loved me
I always meant it

I just want you to know the feeling
I get for you and only just for you


Twilight….can’t wait

For us Twihards here in Malaysia we still have a few days more to go before The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hits our screens. But it is encouraging, and heightens the excitement of waiting, to know that Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is proving to be everything and more it promises. Box-office weekend takings, based on published reports, stands at $139.5 million in the United States and $283.5 million ‘worldwide.’

Even though the numbers are very impressive, it is interesting to note that Breaking Dawn – Part 1 only manages to come in second best for debut weekend collections. The Twilight Saga film that actually holds the record is New Moon in 2009 which reportedly took in $142.8 million when it opened.

my ticket to watch this movie this thursday…yeh…yeh

My Vacation

Weekend….part 1

This weekend another long holiday… going to Penang this Friday evening, with family. Going to rent a van and bring us around town like a tour guide. Is cost Rm1200..not really expensive though. Oh..can’t wait for another holiday…spending a lot of $$$$$. May going to watch Twilight “Breaking Dawn” Part 1 on Thursday with Lam and Ewin after work. I can’t wait for that either. I be gone for a couple of day, will update my blog when I’m back from holiday. I try to post whatever I have with me for this couple of days., hope u gals and guys don’t get bore ok.

I will post some photo place that I had been visiting back then..when I have time…another reason for me again !!!! but I want everything in here for memories, that I spend time with friends and family in real life and not people that I haven’t meet (mean online friends) Is kinda of bore some time, what they thinking!!!! * arrrgggghhhhh*

Last 2 week going to stay in Hilton again..this time with family, going to my bro new house for lunch or house warming. About 5pm on the way to Hilton with sister who drive us there, with parents, bro-in-law, another sis, nephew and niece…what a family…lol . Arriving at the hotel already 6pm..one hour drive from PJ to KL (not really jam) we all went in the room after checking in. This place is cool, nice atmosphere…I like it so much..but just for a nice with bath tub…wowwww….. Dinner at Iketeru a Japanese restaurant at 8th floor…near swimming pool. We had our nice dinner at 7.30pm, although is not much, just a small potion, enough for us. I didn’t bring my laptop or I-pad just a book to read in peace with music on..cool….haha!!!! Some of us eat Garlic rice, with shrimp, chicken or fish. The bills cost about RM1,039, luckily got 50% disc.
All those yummy yummy food…:p

Breakfast at 9am together with mum, bro and sis-in-law at Sudu restaurant..buffet breakfast..lot of variety, malay , Chinese, English style. We check out at 11am, go to Isetan for shopping for a couple an hour before my sis send us back home. Luck is not raining, now day, the weather is not good, raining most of the time, while other place start snowing rite.

our room…..

view from 28th floor….