Another love poems

i Am Sorry
I Know You Don’t Care.
‘n I Know I Don’t Listen,
But Please Take A Seat ,
So You Can Listen.

I Am So Sorry For What I Said To You.
You Have No Idea What I Have Been Through,
I Am Sorry For Yelling At The Top Of My Lungs.
I Am Sorry For Speaking In Tongues ,

I Know I Am Not Perfect,
Without A Doubt.
I Have Many Problems,
So Try Not To Shout,

I Know Its My Fault,
I Shall Act Like This,
The Way I Used To Be,
I Really Miss,

I Am Sorry For What I Have Put You Through,
What Ever I Can Do To Help,
I Shall Do,

Sorry For Falling In Love With You,
But I Always Thought,
Our Love Shall Be True..!

1 thought on “Another love poems”

  1. L♥VE the feeling when we are together…….,♥♥
    I L♥VE the thought being with you forever..,♥♥
    I L♥VE it when ur dream comes true……,♥♥
    I L♥VE it when it’s a bit hazy & dew…,♥♥
    I L♥VE the time i spend with you….,♥♥
    … Becoz I feel perfect with you……♥♥

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