Winter Solstice festival

Not only are the Chinese families busy preparing for the winter solstices festival wich is celebreated, those who have grown to enjoy the “tang yuen” (glutinous rice balls) have also jumped on the bandwagon to celebrate the annual occasion which usually falls on either Dec 21 or 22.

I have incorporated an ingredient mostly found started off with the usual black sesame and peanuts and later moved on to stuffing gula Melaka or brown sugar. Is a traditional Chinese dishes as the festival known as “Dong Zhi” is a important one for the Chinese community.

For me, said the tang yuen is a must for me during the winter solstics festival because it is something that my family has always loved, the smell of the ginger broth boiling on the stove instantly reminds me of my late grandmother.

Supposed to post it earlier..but it take ages for me to write and keep on delaying it. One word…LAZY..:p

Tang yuen...

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