Make Your Choices Real

“A choice is not really a choice, until you act upon it.”

If you decide to act on your best beliefs, then, don’t follow through – you are buying into “indecision.”

Indecision and procrastination are what we do to avoid the responsibility of putting our choices into action. If you find yourself always in a state of indecision, perhaps you are trying to do too much and need to break things down into smaller digestible steps. Perhaps your decision is not in line with your values or some important aspect of your life. You may need to reevaluate what you’re trying to do.

Remember that you will never know if a decision is right or wrong until it’s acted upon. Every important decision involves risk and sometimes trade-offs. If you have a decision to make, make it today. And, more importantly, act on it today.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I act on my decisions.


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