A Gift EVERY Woman Deserves

“To have compassion for others, you must first have compassion for yourself.”

Self-compassion is the ability to acknowledge your shortcomings, your vulnerability and your humanness – yet still perceive yourself as the lovable woman that you are.

You can never truly give to another if you feel empty inside. You can force yourself to give, but your giving won’t be genuine and you will feel resentful. This is why it’s so important to care for yourself first.

No one can give a gift they don’t already possess.

So, practice self-compassion today. Meet your own deepest needs. Take time for yourself, by listening to your inner voice and feeling your own emotions. Know that they are okay, because you are a woman and you are human.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I have compassion for myself. I am giving to others without resentment.


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