No matter what

Remember i,ll always love you.
No matter how far away you are.
Just another year.
And i can hold you in my arms.

When i visit you in that awful place
I can,t help but cry.
Knowing not long after i get there.
I have to already say goodbye.

I reach out sometimes when i,m asleep.
wishing to feel you near.
But then i realize your side of the bed is empty.
And again come the tears.

I want you to trust me not to cheat.
Because if i tried too all i would see is your face.
And know that, i would never let another’s touch
Ever take your place.

The smile you give when you tell me,you love me
Or Your gorgeous blue eyes.
No matter what it is about you.
Your still the love of my life.

I will pray for your safety.
Until you return to me.
I,ll ignore every other man.
Because your love is all i need.

Bars may stand in between us.
But never can they stop our love.
I want you to know i,ll stand by you.
As long as it takes to feel your touch.

So when you feel like you can,take it.
And thinking about me is all you do.
Just remember i might be miles away.
All I can do is thinking about you.


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