Meeting idol

Is been 3 weeks already after meeting my idol Shane Filan in 1U, Selangor for Autograph Session. It’s been an amazing moments of my life even though I had been waiting there since 4.30pm with my friends.

He arriving about 8.45pm, everyone was so excited and happy and even shouting for his name. He say that, it been his six(6) visit here in Malaysia with Westlife but this time he coming here alone to meet his fans and promote his album ‘You and Me’. He want every one of us to be quiet for a moment, then shout because he want to video the moment at that time to everyone back home. He saw a banner saying “ It’s been 13 year, I been waiting for this…….. the indian girl was holding that banner, he actually ask her to come in front and give his fan a big hug. Of course she is the lucky girl on earth. This photo was taken in Shane FB page.

He sings 2 songs from his new album included “Everything to me’ and ‘About You”. After both songs he start signing autograph for each and everyone how brought his album. We were at rolls 5, and is not a lot of people in front. The first 150 in lines get a pair of tickets to Shout Award, which I did get it but I didn’t go cos I’m not interested and beside is lives from TV as well. He is the last artistes of the night to sing 2 songs.

Here’s so photo taken on the day 🙂









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