Criticisms You DON’T Want to Ignore

“What are your patterns of criticism?”

Is there repetitive critical feedback that you receive on a regular basis? If so, this feedback is worthy of your attention.

Repeated criticisms are opportunities, to learn about yourself. Perhaps over the years, you have been told you’re an “ice queen,” you’re unapproachable or you’re shy. Though these criticisms may not be true or may reflect another’s misinterpretations, they still deserve your attention.

So, stop being defensive. Instead of resisting, examine the feedback. Perhaps your shyness is coming across to others as aloofness, arrogance or hardheartedness. Though the truth may be the exact opposite, recognize that such impressions may close wonderful doors of opportunity.

If negative feedback repeats itself, give it thoughtful attention. A little attention now may open many big doors, later.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: When I’m criticized, I give it thoughtful consideration.


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