Jokes of the day

Well.let cheer up a bit ..I seen this in the paper and I think is very funny joke.

1. How things change
When I was young I was scared of the dark. Now when I see my electricity bill I am scared of the lights

2. Pain all over
A blonde tells her dr that she is really worried b’cos every part of her body hurts.
The dr is concerned . “Show me,” he says
The blonde touches her arm with her index finger and screams : Ouch!
The she touches her legs and screams : Ouch!
She touches her nose and cries : Ouch !
She turns to her doctor : ‘See’? It hurts everywhere!
The dr says : Don’t worry, it’s not serious. You’re just got a broken index finger.

3. Don’t do this at home
A Chinese couple is watching a documentary on TV about an African tribe whose men all have foot long genitals.
When a male reaches a certain age, a weight is tired to his private parts. After a while, the weight stretches the organ.
So the Chinese wife suggests that her husband does the same. The husband agrees and proceeds with the string and weight.
A few weeks later the wife asks the husband : “How is it coming along”
“Well, I looks like we’re halfway there, he s ays
“You mean it’s now six inches ? “Gushes the excited wife.
“No, but it’s turned black, “ he replies.


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