Chap Goh Mei


HAPPY CHAP GOH MEI, 元宵节快乐 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, 情人节快乐 , This day is known as ‘Yuen Xiao”- Chinese Valentine’s Days. (is happen once in 19 years). In the past it has been traditional for single women to toss oranges with descriptions of their desired partner written onto them into the river to seek a husband. However in today’s modern practice, men are also known to practise this in order to find a suitable wife. Candles are lit in a paper lantern and hung up on the outside of the home and “Tong Yuen” is often eaten as dessert on the final celebration dinner of the New Year. In areas where a river is not available, sky lanterns filled with written wishes are set free to soar into the heavens in search of potential mates.


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