Toll of Perfectionism

“Exhausted by perfectionism?”

Why is it that adults feel they must excel at everything they try? Why must we be competent or skillful to experience success and enjoyment? Is perfection that important?

Face facts! No one is born perfect at anything, so, striving for perfection can create frustration and disappointment. Perfectionism is a heavy weight to carry and something we would never require of a child.

Watch children that are learning a new game. They know that doing things imperfectly is part of the learning process, that trying new things leads to new insights, a new way of looking at things and new skills. Instead of being embarrassed by failure, they laugh, jump up and try again.

When we let go of perfection and allow ourselves to do things imperfectly, we come to see how perfect we are, just the way we are! It’s a subtle difference but it’s true. Our lives become more perfect when we let go of perfectionism.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I have let go of perfectionism.


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