Allow Success into Your Life

“Why is it we never notice what has been done, but only what remains to be done?”

We do it as mothers when we focus on the one messy shelf in a child’s bedroom, not the four that are tidy and neat. We do it in the workplace when we leap to point out what hasn’t been finished, instead of commenting on progress made. We do it to ourselves when we focus on goals not met, instead of on success achieved.

It’s this negative point of view that will bring you down and reduce your motivation. Not the best way to achieve new goals!

Starting today, resolve to be more positive! Look for what has been done; not for what’s left undone. Praise children, colleagues, friends and partners for efforts and progress. Concentrate on your own achievements. The more you recognize and appreciate success, the more success will follow!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I focus on things I’ve completed, to motivate my success.


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