Breathe the Stress Out of Your Life

“Stretch and take a deep breath…”

Do you spend a lot of time feeling anxious and stressed? Does your body have its own way of tightening? Do your shoulders feel tense and hard? Maintaining this state for periods of time can do all kinds of unpleasant things to your mind and your body.

It’s essential that you relax and take care of yourself. Here’s how. Have you ever watched a sleeping baby? Babies breathe in and out, with their tummy muscles. As adults, we hold our tummies in, focused on that perfect figure. But, breathing slowly, from your tummy, is the first step to total relaxation.

With that in mind, try this simple escape. Find a comfortable chair in a quiet place and just breathe, in and out, like a sleeping baby or a confident adult. Tune into the rhythm of your breathing. Shun away other thoughts. Within minutes your shoulders will relax, the anxiousness will subside and you will feel the stress leave your body. And, all you had to do was breathe like a baby.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: To calm myself when I’m feeling anxious or stressed, I breathe like a baby.


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