Tried & True Formula for Achieving Goals

“Do you set goals then fail to achieve them?”

Too many failed attempts may lead to frustration. Eventually, you either stop setting goals or surrender to the failures that overcome you. Overtime, avoiding disappointment becomes easier than setting new goals, altogether. Your heart wonders, what’s the use in trying?

Let your next goal be different. Before you start, break your ultimate goal into smaller goals. This way you’re placing your expectations of success on your immediate goal, rather than the whole project.

By breaking down your goal in to bite size pieces, the whole can be achieved much more easily. With each milestone, you feel energized and motivated to keep on going.

Instead of being stressed, frustrated, and disappointed, you can now feel good, because you have a doable method to achieve your goals that works like magic!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am achieving my goals by breaking them into smaller and goals.


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