The Priceless Gifts You Give

“Touch hearts with your intangible gifts.”

One of the most treasured gifts of women is the ability to give, without expecting something is return. Such unconditional gifts of the heart, like encouragement, hope, love, a kind word and appreciation, fall into this category.

The glow you get inside when you share these gifts is comparable to nothing else. Your soul becomes filled with a sense of calmness and the burdens of the world seem weightless.

For what we give returns to us, multiplied many times over. So, cast the bread of kindness on the waters of life. Enjoy sharing a moment of selfless affection with someone in need.

That warm glow will always reward you. It comes with the principle of selfless giving.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I cherish my ability to give and expect nothing in return.


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