Self improvement

Empower Yourself

“Empower yourself by organizing clutter!”

Old medicines, stacks of books, clothes you never wear, Christmas cards from last year, piles of papers, towers of magazines and drawers full of who knows what. It’s called clutter, and the more it collects the less you want to deal with it.

Clutter can overwhelm you and drain your energy.

Eliminating clutter is healthy. No longer do you pour energy into looking through papers for that one lost item. No more do you ignore anxiety about piles that disguise forgotten responsibilities. No hours of frustration are added to your preparation for the day, as you pull wrinkled clothes from your closet because they’re wedged too tightly.

Suddenly, you’re in control! You know where to find things and you’re proud of your space.

Start clearing out your clutter today. Start small, by clearing out one drawer, one cabinet, or one shelf. You won’t feel overwhelmed and the results will give you the motivation to tackle the next pile.

Organization is a gift that you deserve. Give it to yourself, and get your power back!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: I am clutter-free!


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