Self improvement

Feeling Depressed?

“We see the world as we are.”

Remember the last bad day you had? Chances are you ended up in a grumpy mood and feeling fed up. Even though the sun may have been shining or people all around you were happy and laughing – you were miserable, which meant the day was bad no matter how you looked at it.

Unfortunately, this same thinking can color life itself. If you’re facing hardship, you may feel life holds no hope. If you’re lonely, you may decide the world is an unfriendly place.

Resolve to change this thinking pattern, now!

If you’re depressed, think of the excitement that life offers. If you feel stressed look for opportunities with optimism in your heart. If you’re lonely, realize the world is full of friendly people – and go out and meet them.

By choosing to see the joy in the way things are, you’ll soon feel the joy yourself!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: I choose to see the joy in the way things are.


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