Make Your Dreams Come True

“Have the courage to dream.”

As a woman becomes a wife and then a mother, there are many things that she compromises – her dreams are just one of these. When there are diapers to be changed and homework to be supervised, where’s the time to spend those few precious moments doing your own thing?

Many times we become so obsessed with what we ought to do, we forget about what we want to do. In the end, we even lose the courage to dream.

Take a good long look at yourself. Has the ‘song’ gone out of your heart? Do you feel like just getting away from it all?

If yes, it’s time for action. Immediately!

Allow yourself some time for pure, undiluted pleasure. Let go of all the things that pull you back. Imagine yourself to be a gull in the salty breeze above the peaceful sea. Meditate, read, write, sing or paint – do your own thing. In the new life you are creating, this will be the first step toward freedom and joy.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation:
I have the courage to dream.



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