Connect with Others on a New Level

“Star stuff.”

Astronomer Carl Sagan said that we’re all made of “star-stuff.” Whatever it is that we are made of; we are certainly made of the same “stuff” – the same atoms, molecules and cells. We are much more alike than we realize.

Remembering this can help calm you, center you, and give you a sense of connectedness – both with the universe and with others.

Try this experiment today. With each person that you pass, become aware that the “stuff” – the essence – what’s inside you is inside them. Check out the person in the car coming toward you. You both share the same essential life essence. The people on the subway, on the bus, at your office – all are made of the same unique, special, and mysterious “stuff” as you.

After a day of literally “connecting” in your mind with every person you encounter, you will find your mood is buoyant. You will feel part of a bigger world than the one you normally inhabit. Seeing yourself in others and others in you, brings calmness, peace and an incredible sense of belonging.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I see myself in others and others in me.



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