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Best Nasi Lemak

Which Malaysian doesn’t love a hearty serving of nasi lemak ? The nasi lemak, which comes with telur goreng (fried egg with runny yolk) is mediocre in taste. The not-so-spicy sambal was a bit on the sweet side and the portions were small. Although many people have raved about the crunchy fried chicken, it was a bit soggy .

Some places the nasi lemak is wrapped with old style of banana leaves and newpaper, packed with a usual sliced cucumbers, boiled egg and sambal…but customers can choose their side dishes ranging from sambal kerang, fried chicken and sambal paru to mixed vegetable and tempe goreng.. Although the dishes end up making the meal a bit pricey.

In my home town, I can find so many stall that selling nasi lemak, but the are a few places that selling this delicious nasi lemak was in Jalan Lobak,  Jln Sheikh Ahmad in front of King Confectionery and the one in Kemayan Square , you can find them in the morning.

The old style of nasi lemak the portions are small, so if you are a big eater, you might as will take two or 3 packets. You can enjoy hot and fresh nasi lemak as they pack it on the spot and it is priced at RM 1 per packet. However, if there is a long queue, you might have to wait at least 15 min for your order. The sambal is spicy and tasty too.

Beside these delicious nasi lemak, my mum cook is the best…is chinese style. Most of those was selling by Malays . This is one of my favourite 🙂




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