Dial & Dine is back

This is  my 10 Favourite Songs :-

  1. Safe – Westlife
  2. I Knew I Love You – Savage Garden
  3. That’s Why You Go Away – Micheal Learn To Rock
  4. All Out of Love – Air Supply
  5. Shower Me With Your Love – Surface
  6. Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Chicago
  7.  I Swear – All 4 one
  8. Drowing – BackStreet Boys
  9. I Be Loving You Forever – NKOTB
  10. I Do (Cherish You)- 98 Degrees


This was the song list that I send in for Dial & Dine. If my playlist is play during lunch time, me and a friend will be invited for a nice dinner with the whole LiteFM family.

They have a little catch though this time : submit songs that light up your life i.e songs that make you happy, hold special memories etc. The selected songs from the winning list to be played during the event itself. The music will add light to their experience of dining in the dark on Dec 6 .

For my list, those songs are from the boy band from the 80’ or 90’..I select the songs  because most of the band split up and no more songs recording.  We don’t hear much from the radio unless we still keep their CD, that was is hold special memories in my heart.


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