Self improvement

Eliminate Regrets

“Anything that you should have done, but didn’t, ties you to your past.”

Is your mental and emotional clutter getting in the way of a fulfilling life? It’s time to clean out the “need-to’s,” “have-to’s,” and “ought-to’s,” from your past. When you have regrets it’s tough to move forward and grow.

Put the past in the past. Return anything you borrowed.  Make apologies where needed. Get your bills up to date. Send the card or gift you forgot to send. Make the phone call you need to make.

Taking care of these things cleans your mental slate and eliminates any regrets or resentments you may harbor.

Now, take a deep breath; look ahead. Both your conscience, and your future vision, is clear.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I have put the past in the past, and I’m now looking ahead with optimism.


Self improvement

Best Teacher Anyone Could Ask For

“Your life is a series of experiences.”

Each life experience makes you stronger, more knowledgeable and more prepared for what lies ahead.

Though it may not seem like it at the time, the setbacks and hardships you face actually help you march forward.

Don’t isolate yourself from life experiences. They instruct you and guide you into your future. Learn from your experiences. They are the best teacher anyone could ask for.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Meditation: I learn life’s lessons from setbacks and hardships that I face


Self improvement

How to Stay Motivated for the Long Haul

“Motivation comes from action.”

Motivation comes from doing, moving and taking action!

The real excitement begins when you start something and see it begin to take shape. Once you experience success as a direct result of your efforts and enthusiasm, your motivation will rise and carry you through.

If you are waiting to feel motivated, just do something. Just start! Make your motto, “No more waiting – just doing!” That is the secret to the momentum of motivation.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation:  “No more waiting, just doing,” is my motto.


Self improvement

A Gift EVERY Woman Deserves

“To have compassion for others, you must first have compassion for yourself.”

Self-compassion is the ability to acknowledge your shortcomings, your vulnerability and your humanness – yet still perceive yourself as the lovable woman that you are.

You can never truly give to another if you feel empty inside. You can force yourself to give, but your giving won’t be genuine and you will feel resentful. This is why it’s so important to care for yourself first.

No one can give a gift they don’t already possess.

So, practice self-compassion today. Meet your own deepest needs. Take time for yourself, by listening to your inner voice and feeling your own emotions. Know that they are okay, because you are a woman and you are human.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I have compassion for myself. I am giving to others without resentment.



Dial & Dine is back

This is  my 10 Favourite Songs :-

  1. Safe – Westlife
  2. I Knew I Love You – Savage Garden
  3. That’s Why You Go Away – Micheal Learn To Rock
  4. All Out of Love – Air Supply
  5. Shower Me With Your Love – Surface
  6. Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Chicago
  7.  I Swear – All 4 one
  8. Drowing – BackStreet Boys
  9. I Be Loving You Forever – NKOTB
  10. I Do (Cherish You)- 98 Degrees


This was the song list that I send in for Dial & Dine. If my playlist is play during lunch time, me and a friend will be invited for a nice dinner with the whole LiteFM family.

They have a little catch though this time : submit songs that light up your life i.e songs that make you happy, hold special memories etc. The selected songs from the winning list to be played during the event itself. The music will add light to their experience of dining in the dark on Dec 6 .

For my list, those songs are from the boy band from the 80’ or 90’..I select the songs  because most of the band split up and no more songs recording.  We don’t hear much from the radio unless we still keep their CD, that was is hold special memories in my heart.





I was with my niece and bro-in-law at the airport last Sunday. My sister supposed to arrive early but the place  was delay, so we having lunch at Nanny’s Pavillion Porte Bagage, this place is nice and full of baggage , nice environment.  We have Chicken Chop, Chocolate waffle and Hubbert Chicken Chop. They have very good baked rice too; especially for those who love French but not the cheese. Their pancakes are so fluffy and yummy you will never have pancakes from anywhere else. Pancakes come in a variety of flavors with home make blueberries or caramel sauces, banana, mango, strawberries and topped with a scoop of home make ice cream.

The food is so yummy, of course I didn’t try most of it,lol



Self improvement

Secret Book


All the riches in the world cannot even come close to the most priceless gift in all of creation… the love inside you! Develop  an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.
Brian Tracy


Good Morning


Good morning been a weeks , I didn’t post any news here…I feel bad, everything I’m thinking of writing…I feel lazy and tired ..I just want my bed and listen to the radio. Lately I have quite a lot of works..that is why I neglect my blog, lol ..I always want to think of something news to write or post here..but will try to do it…like this quote : Don’t sit around and wait for success to find you. Get up and get for yourself”…  is true isn’t .?