Ready for 2015


So what is life going to be about now? Will it be this constant stress-filled chase of the new thing, some gadgets and trinkets, the awards and accolades, that next zero, some false fame or fancy office? Or will it be a simple way of being, an alert presence, that grand gratitude for life, a vibrant and joyous energy that emanates light and love with each step of the journey. There is nothing wrong with striving to have success and prosperity, just as long as the path you choose does not require the shedding of your truth or joy or soul, for the only real riches come from living in truth and joy. Let us live this moment now then, with full awareness and gratitude. Let us not forget that all that we have acquired will go away, and all that will have mattered is how well these precious moments of life were felt and experienced and created and lived. – Brendon Burchard


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