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Hello, Goodbye

Had an idea to gather a list of things for us to do where 2015 begin, and a quick Google search had me come across this list by personal couch Ellory Wells. His list of 49 things to do before the end of the year appeals to me because it is a basic, simple and most of all, rather meaningful. It may be hard to complete all 49 things but pick and choose from it as you feel the draw to .

1) Start. Do at least one thing to help you achieve a goal.

2) Make a list

3)  Complete that list

4) Make another list

5) Exercise

6) Call your mom

7) Hang out with your dad

8) Take a vacation

9) Visit another country

10) Update your resume

11) Go outside

12) Go camping

13) Build something

14) Create something

15) Write something

16) Read an entire book

17) Make someone smile

18) Make someone’s day

19) Have lunch with someone you don’t know very well

20) Increase how much you value your time

21) Get out of debt

22) Save more money

23) Donate money to a religious organisation or charity

24) Clean the closet

25) Teach someone you know a new skill

26) Learn a new skill

27) Get more sleep

28) Find a hobby that excited you

29) Make a new friend

30) Connect with old friend

31) Give someone the gift of your undivided attention

32) Have a technology free weekend

33) Give someone a surprise gift

34) Celebrate an achievement

35) Write a thank you note

36) Get out of your comfort zone

37) Read a religious book of your choice

38) Ask your oldest living relative about their life

39) Eat dinner without TV on

40) Find someone to mentor you

41) Find someone for you to mentor

42) Compliment someone new every day for a week

43) Have lunch with your brother or sister

44) Read a book you’ve always wanted to read

45) Read your favourite book a second, third or 4th times

46) Invest for your retirement

47) Spend time with your kids

48) have dinner with a group of friends

49) Host a dinner party.

Well, that was Ellory lists…and what is your list. Write it down and see whether we can get into it. I will write my list down.. some will be similar to his. Good luck and have a blastful year ahead.



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