Self improvement

What’s Holding You Back from Reaching Your Goals?

“A vote of confidence.”

Are you someone who quietly sets out to reach her goals or are you someone who tells the world exactly what you’re up to, loud and clear?

Either way, it’s great. You’re focusing on a new life ahead. But if you tend toward being the quieter type, why not take some time today to tell at least one person how proud you are of yourself for making this commitment to reach a valued goal?

There’s got to be one person with whom you could share your journey. A coworker? A neighbor? A friend?

So, speak up! Tell someone about it. Make your effort even more real by hearing yourself talk about it out loud. It will solidify your commitment that much more, and could just be the vote of confidence you need!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I share my goals with others.



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