CNY – 7th Days

Seventh Day (25th Feb)- Everybody’s Birthday

The seventh day of the New Year is considered the birthday of all human beings. Long life noodles are eaten during this day to promote longevity, and raw fish is eaten to symbolize success.

Yu Sang- unique to the CNY celebrations in Singapore and Malaysia, Yu Sang is essentially a salad of paper-thin raw fish, abalone, finely grated vegetables, candied melon and lime, red and white pickled ginger, pomelo sacs, sesame seeds, jellyfish and peanuts all tossed in sweet plum sauce dressing. The Chinese will  have yu sang on the 7th day of CNY. Everyone should make a wish and say it loud during the tossing or mix it together.

Besides being full of flavours and textures, yu sang is loaded with symbolic meaning. The raw ingredients signify the renewal of life and the sound of the word for fish in Cantonese sounds like the work for properity.

Here is the step by step for putting the ingredients before everyone mix it together.

1) Salmon – Lin Lin Yau Yue  ( Means : Abundant prosperity year after year)

2) Squeeze the Lemon – Dai Kat Dai Lei (Means : Big prosperity coming)

3) Pepper  – Ng Kuk Fung Sou and Po Po Koh Seng (Means : Big harvest and continuing improvement in future)

4) Plum Sauce/ Oil- Choy Yun Kwong Zhun and Kum Yuk Mun Tong (Means : Wealth comes to the family and fills the home with lots of jewels)

5) Peanut/Sesame/ Lime skin – Tai Chi Hong Po (Means : Business expands and will succeed effortlessly

6)  Cracker – Moon Dei Wong Kum (Means: Your floor is overflowing with money)

yu sang


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