Communicate Sensitive Issues the Right Way

“Be sensitive to timing.”

While timing isn’t everything, it is often the most important factor in determining how you and your ideas will be received.

In personal relationships bringing up sensitive issues when the other person is tired, not feeling well or thinking about something stressful, is risky. When you do, the chances that you will cause irritation and end up feeling rejected are high.

It’s natural to assume that the negative reactions of others are signals that they don’t care. But, in reality, you would probably react in the same exact way, given the same situation.

Be sensitive to when you bring things up. Don’t let your excitement and enthusiasm blind you to the concerns and pressures of your partner or friend. When you want your partner’s support, make sure the time is right. When you do, it’s more than likely your excitement will be shared.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: To ensure support, I bring sensitive issues up when the time is right.


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