Self improvement

Overcome the Fear of Rejection

“Never please to appease.”

Do you go to great lengths to please others or cover up your feelings, because you fear abandonment or rejection? If so, why?

The truth is, you run less risk of rejection if you offer others your true and unembellished self.

When you’re up front your real opinions, feelings and interests, you stand on solid ground. Being genuine offers others the real you, right from the get-go, and they can choose to take it or leave it. Just as you can choose to take or leave them!

When you know others are responding to the real you, you no longer have to worry about letting down your guard or being rejected later. This is a position of great strength.
Try living as the real you! When you do, others are naturally attracted to who you really are!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am living as the real me!


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