Self improvement

Do you love the work you do?

“Fulfillment is the fruit of work that is more than a job.”

Passion, a positive attitude and a sense of adventure, excitement and fun, all make your work more than just a job.

There is no mystery in the fact that the rewards of work are greater when you’re engaged in what you do.

Are you engaged in your work, or is it just a job? If you dread your days in the office and feel like a robot going through the motions, then honestly ask yourself if this is how you want to spend your life.

Women who love what they do, take immense pleasure in their work experience. Achievements come naturally, and they feel refreshed and exhilarated at the end of the day.

Remember, you were born to do work that you love. So, do it. And feel the joy!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I do the work I was born to do.


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