Self improvement

Are you perfect?

“Perfection is a point of view.”

Are you the kind of woman who would stretch yourself to make EVERYTHING just right? A tad this side or that, and you feel like a horrid failure?

Women want to be the best for their families, their friends, and even for themselves. But does being perfect mean a perfect 10 in everything?

When you focus only on perfection, life becomes a race. The thrill is there at the beginning, but soon you are panting to reach the finish line. You want to excel at work, cook the perfect dish, teach your little ones all the best values, never blow your top, keep your husband smiling, participate in brownie meets, AND host a welcome party for your neighbor. Clearly, this is asking too much.

Perfection is what YOU make of it. Often, in our bid to excel in one thing, we horribly fail at others.

Excel where you can. For the rest, a good effort should suffice. There is no one to compete with or compare yourself to. Remember, you DON’T have to be #1 in EVERY RACE!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation:
I have ended the race of perfection.

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