Self improvement

Build Rock Solid Self-Esteem and Confidence

“Refuse to remain in your comfort zone.”

Your comfort zone feels safe, familiar and relaxing. The problem is, if you’re spending too much time there you may not be growing and evolving as a woman.

It takes a tremendous amount of bravery to do what is unfamiliar and  uncomfortable. The good news is, the payoff is worth it. Your self esteem rises and your self confidence becomes unyielding.

Challenge yourself this week. Put yourself in an uncomfortable situation on purpose. How about volunteering for a project that you would normally shy away from? Strike up a conversation with a stranger or sign up for a class to learn something new.

Whatever step you take, expect to be uncomfortable but know in your heart that you’re doing wonders for your well-being.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation:
I am brave.

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