My Vacation

Day 3 – Kota Kinabalu

Delicious laksa, different place different taste...
Delicious laksa, different place different taste…

We had laksa for breakfast this morning, is really tasty and of course is different from Seremban. We going to Mari Mari Culture Village, there had only 3 sessions available 10am, 2pm and 6pm and we going for 10am sessions , the entrance fees for adult is RM80 and children is RM70 included meal.

Upon arrival, as you assemble you will be briefed on the Village Rules…the Do’s and the Don’t. Our tour guide is a guy by the name of Cybil, he’s good and explain every detail as we get along together with a couple from the States.

Sunny day
Sunny day

As we enter through the suspension bridge, you will be fascinated with the sight of a river flowing. Visit each tribe’s traditional house and do some in house activities and stopover at demo, huts.

After the performance, you will be lead to the Dining Hall.. You may leisure around for about 15 mins to shop, take photos or surrounding.


Each delectable traditional and fusion cuisines for lunch/ high tea /dinner before the end of the tour. Time to bid a farewell to the village.

As you traverse the village, you will find demonstration huts along the main house in which daily activities of old times come into life. For example, the making of blowpipe, starting a fire (from bamboo) tattoo-making (and its symbolisms) and etc.

Bamboo dance
Bamboo dance

By the end of your journey into the past, you have been given a setting for you to see, hear, taste and feel the uniqueness of what Sabah truly is. As unforgettable encounter of our Sabahan homeland…AS IT IS…AS IT WAS…

Group Pic
Group Pic

By the time we get back to our place, ask Kenny to drop us at Lobster King Restaurant for lunch, since we did not had a proper lunch at the Village. After lunch we walk back to the condo. Some of us are tired especially my mum, me and my nephew even my niece was not feeling well.

My two sister and cousin went out again after an hour to walk over to the mall to get Hard Rock Café Tee and walk around KK Waterfront to take some photo. They even ‘tau pau’ for us, this time we didn’t want to have seafood for dinner, we had fast food like McD and KFC just for few of us. The other went for their seafood again.


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