My Vacation

My Trip to Sabah

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Trip

(18th June 2015 – 21st June 2015)

Day 1

Arriving at KK International airport about 4pm. The airport is not as good as it look and is kinda of small and hot. We ask someone to pick us up, the driver name is Kenny, recommend by my uncle friend. He send us to KK Marina Court Resort Vacation Condo. On our way to the Resort, he explain where we can go to have our dinner.


Appoint arriving at the resort, someone had to bring us to Unit B to make registration and collect the key to our condo in Unit C. Our unit is quite new and our unit no        , I like it so much.. it was a deluxe 3 bedroom apartment facing city view.. that what we requested for.


Opposite the condo, is surrounded by lot of shopping mall, KK Waterfront and Promehade Hotel. After reaching our place, first thing we do is looking for food, cos we really hungry lol. We walk opposite our condo, we found a seafood restaurant called Welcome Seafood Restaurant. We had order a lot of food like, crab, fish, vegetable, fried squirm, and a few more and is cost about Rm311.50.


After dinner me, mum and Keith didn’t go out again, just stay in to watch tv and rest, while my sister, nephew, cousin went out to walk around the area to check what can we find there.


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