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Most Important Decision of Your Life

“Commitment is a decision.”

Commitment is not just a simple act of wishing for something. Commitment is a decision to do whatever it takes.

You may wish to be in awesome shape. But, you won’t succeed until you decide to put down the chocolates, get off the couch, and start exercising, regularly!

Yes, this is hard to hear, but that’s what commitment is all about – deciding to put in the sweat and effort and sacrifice, to achieve the goals you hold dear.

The sweat and effort may come from your head, as in commitment to your workplace or achieving your goals. It may come from your heart, as in commitment to a relationship or your children.

But, wherever it comes from, it requires a decision not only to start, but persevere. Remember, the rewards you seek are priceless, and worth every moment of dedicated effort.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am truly committed to achieving my goals


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