What makes us Malaysians

Idiosyncrasis which only Malaysian can identify with. This articles is wrote by Tan Koe Huai – Sunday Star. I like what it say in this articles , that was I like to share it.

malaysia day

I may not like the government, but I still love Malaysia, tanah tumpahnya darahku. Malaysian are unique because we are a diversified lot and there are things, habits and feeling which only a Malaysian can understand. Here are some of them:

Our national language is Bahasa Malysia but conversation-wise, we find it more fun to talk in Bahasa Rojak. it is vry rare to hear a conversation like : Adakah anda memandu kereta ke pejabat hari ini? This sounds awkward. Malaysian will usually say, Kak, you drive ke office hari ini ke? When we want to invite someone for tea, we would say, Jom minum teh or Jom yumcha. when we go to food stalls, be it Chinese, Indian or Malay ones, they might not understand take away but they surely will understand ta pao. When surprised by something, we will not say Oh no, we will say Kadavale.

The most important thing during meeting is food! Sandwiches do not entice us during breaks in between meetings but karipap (curry puffs) and pisang goreng (banana fritters) do. Of course, there are always coffee and tea but we will make cham instead – a mix of tea and coffee.

Only in Malaysia do we have roti tise, roti banjir and roti tsunami. If you want to experience this, go to a mamak stall and order these different types of breads.

During dinner- whether wedding or corporate dinners with or without alcohol- Malaysians will toast by shouting ‘ yamseng’!

Then there are our sentence tags. When in doubt over something we ask Can meh? After trying out something and it comes out perfect, we say “Can lah”.  When asking for permission, it is “Can ah?”

Festive open houses are synonymous with satay. Whether is is held at a Chinese, Indian or Malay home, satay is a must-have item on the menu.

These are our Malaysian ways and I won’t want to have it any other way. I am a Malaysia and proud of it. Happy Malaysia Day..



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