Make Yourself Happy

happy life

No feeling is more miserable than self-pity, which is the result of unfulfilled expectations. Whatever you are miserable or happy, you’ve got to live. Why not make yourself happy?

Count your blessing. I am sure you have a healthy mind and a healthy body and are able to eat, sleep and move about without difficulty. You have a roof over your head and food on the table.

Why beg for love and compassion? Love yourself and your fellow housemates.

It is easier to make yourself happy than ask others to make you happy. If you feel that you have been abandoned because you are not useful anymore, then make yourself useful in little ways.

Take your mind off self-pity by taking an interest in people and the things around you. Do not sit alone and say, Poor me, old me.

When you feel miserable you create bad vibes and this may put people off because they may not feel comfortable being with you.

Don’t look forward or back. Seize the moment : Live now. If you are eating, pay attention and enjoy the food. If you are taking a shower, feel the spray caressing your face.

Listen to your favourite music. Take up a hobby. Just do something to take your mind off self-pity. Find something to do so that you can have something interesting to tell your visitors and they may stay longer.

The old need not be lost. We should take our happiness into our own hands. Yes, we showered our love on our children when they were young, but we must not demand that they give us the same attention that we have given them.

If they return the love, fine. If they don’t , life still has to go on, So it is better to make yourself happy than beg for love and compassion.

We may be old but we should not be beholden to anyone for our own happiness, as far as possible. If love and attention are given, accept that with grace.


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