The Value of Friendship


Life is incomplete without friends.

Many people walk in and out of our lives but closest to us are our true friends. And friends have often p0roven to be more valuable than family and partner because they care and share in our joy and pain. Those who leave footprints in our heart are our best friends.

Making friends and maintaining friendship is part of our life’s support system because without them, our lives would be empty, dull and dreadful.

In short, our whole life depends on our ability to get along with others and developing friendships because our time spent outside our home is with friends.

Our friends are vital because they are one of the most reliable sources of happiness, joy, support and intellectual development.  While some friends are for keeps, some drift apart from us. In the course of friendship, sometimes we may get hurt or be betrayed and find it difficult to trust someone any more.

But we should understand that bumps in a relationship are a means for us to know and understand the friend better, building trust require quality time and is a life long process. I have a childhood friend with whom I shared the same plate, cup and bed in our younger days but we have grown apart owing to our work and a change in his lifestyle and beliefs. Although we have not seen each other for over five years now, my lawyer friend still remain special to me because of the values, sorrow and fun we shared.

Good friends are those you can count on when you are in difficulty even though you have not met for some time. It is not necessary for your best friend and you to meet daily, weekly or monthly because a strong friendship beyond distance and regular meetings. Friendship involves an internal connection.

Life is incomplete without friends and no one can go through life without friends. Friends do not coming knocking at your door but you must go out and meet people to make friends.

One way is by joining social groups or voluntary organisations having common interests and passion: it can be a fun way to develop friendships.

The scent of happiness and well being of our body, mind and spirit is having good friends.

This article is taking from Star paper


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