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Do You Underestimate Your Competence and Potential? Why?

“Never underestimate yourself.”

Many people put themselves down, by pointing out their inability’s, inadequacies and weaknesses. They underestimate their capabilities, competence and potential. Unfortunately, this is especially true for women.

Does this ring true with you? Take a closer look at yourself and tune into what you say and do. Vow to never, ever underestimate yourself or limit what you can achieve. You are a woman with huge amounts of talent and skill, screaming to be seen and heard!

Instead of thinking in terms of what you “can’t” do, think in terms of what you “can” do. This will let your talents shine!

Remember, you have the ability. You’re perfectly adequate. You possess limitless potential, because you’re you!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I possess the ability to do ANYTHING!


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