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Penang Trip- Day 2

We had our breakfast at Lemongrass Restaurant at the 2nd floor of the hotel, since my cousin is going to the Marathon. Most of the guests who stay in the hotel was here for marathon as well…and mostly chinese, you can even see any handsome fellow around..haha!!!  The foods was not really good.


After my cousin came back from her run, we going to Ayer Item – Jalan Pasar to have ‘Asam Laksa’,  famous food at the area, near Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill. The stall is right beside the small market place but it can accommodate groups of visitors and tourists arriving in bus loads visiting the nearby Kek Lok Si Temple. A bowl of sourish sweet assam laksa with a dash of bunga kantan (ginger flower bud) and spicy hot chili will bring a great lip- smacking feeling. Every one love it !!!.


After buying some biscuits for family and friend, we drive to Penang Hill but the huge crowds  at the entrance at the ticket counter. We decided to drive off and the weather is cloudy and is started to rain all the way back. We round the town, we wanted to go Upside down museum , but the crowded too, we heading to 3D Art Museum instead . Even though the place was pack but we still be able to took a lot of photos. This museum house have 45 piece of artworks featuring 3S Trick Art, a technique that transforms 2 dimensional painting into 3 dimensional images. We were there almost 3 hours. Visitors make their way through the ground floor and then continue up the stairs to the first floor. The journey takes them through scenes in Penang, and then continue on to more fantastic and outlandish terrain. The entrance fees for adults was RM25 per person and those who was Mykad Holder was RM15 per person.


Is still raining when we going back to hotel to rest before going for our dinner lately. My niece wanted to go “The Voice Café” but the wave could not bring us to the place that we wanted. We decide to drive to Gurney Plaza. Since is still raining we could go to those hawkers stalls along Gurney Drive. You can find a lot of delicious and famous foods around the area. We ending up to have our dinner at Kopitam…the foods is not as good as in the hawker stalls.

Childhood memories

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